Pharmacy Supplier

Direct From the Manufacturer

Pharmacy supplies you can trust for both pedigree and price.

Why choose River City?

The River City Difference

We are a full-line secondary wholesaler with over 10,000
aggressively priced and expertly provided.

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Sourced Direct From MFG
We’re a pharmacy supplier sourcing drugs direct from the manufacturer. Don’t pay more for middle-man bloat and questionable pedigrees.
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Pedigree Tracing
We stock only the most trusted and reliable products available. Trace your pedigrees from the manufacturer to your door, right here.
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Dedicated Account Manager
We provide every customer with a dedicated Account Manager to take orders, answer questions, and make River City work for your needs.
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Hassle-Free Payments
In addition to accepting all major credit cards, checks, and EFT/ACH, our generous Net 10 EOM terms give you extra time to pay your bill.

A Pharmacy Supplier Pharmacists Love

River City is a great website to order from, their customer service and sales representatives are very nice and help you when you have any question about their products.
Medical Care Prescriptions
We have ordered products from River City for around nine years. You could not ask for a nicer representative... knowledgeable, pleasant, and always ready to help.
Whitley's Pharmacy