Why is buying from a NABP Accredited Drug Distributor Important?

Protecting your drugs from counterfeiting

To combat the rise of counterfeit drugs, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) introduced strict standards for wholesale distributors. In order become a NABP Accredited Drug Distributor, distributors complete a compliance review of their operating policies and procedures, licensure verification, a detailed survey of their facilities, and a screening through NABP Clearinghouse.

Already four states (Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, and Wyoming) require NABP Accredited Drug Distributors for their state license to distribute drugs, with more to follow. River City goes a step further than we’re required and offer pedigree tracing on all our products, so you can track your pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer to your shelves. Trace your pedigrees here.

Questions about NABP Drug Distributor Accreditation?

It means we have competed the industry’s most rigorous compliance review. Our operation policies and procedures, licensure verification, and facility’s operations have all been screened through the NABP Clearinghouse. This process was formerly known as VAWD Accreditation.
Currently, four states require this accreditation—Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, and Wyoming. In 24 other states, the Drug Distributor Accreditation is recognized, with some requiring it as a means of implementing the licensing provisions. If you are unsure, contact your state licensor. Even if you are not required, buying from an NABP Accredited Drug Distributor ensures you are receiving drugs of the highest pedigree from the most credible wholesalers.
Simply, because you want to ensure the drugs you purchase are the ones you receive—that is the centerpiece of why NABP facilitates this accreditation. With counterfeit drugs on the rise, purchasing from a reputable wholesaler has never been more important.
In 2020, NABP changed the branding of their accreditation from VAWD to NABP Accredited Drug Distributors. If you were required or preferred to buy from VAWD wholesalers, NABP Accredited Drug Distributors is the new name you should become familiar with.

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