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With over 10,000 brands, generics, OTCs, and more, River City takes care all your pharmaceutical needs with one call!
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Our new E-commerce site is fast, intuitive, and simple to use. Eligible customers can save another 1% ordering online!
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Weekly Specials

Great deals are a daily routine with River City, but every weekend we send out new deals of even deeper discounts.
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Connect With EDI

Save time & money with EDI. Streamline your transaction processing & reduce errors without adding staff!.

NABP Accredited Wholesale Pharmaceutical Distributor

We meet the industry's highest standards and source our drugs direct from the manufacturer

The Source of River City

River City started in 2012  with the resources and know-how to immediately impact how valuable a secondary wholesaler could be to pharmacies across the country. By offering expert service and competitive prices, we’ve grown year-over-year while proudly maintaining our identity as a personalized wholesaler customers can count on.

We are NABP Accredited Drug Distributor and DSCSA compliant, EDI-ready, and offer online pedigree tracing to ensure you get what you paid for and your customers get the vital drugs they need

There are many wholesale pharmaceutical distributors on the market, but few can match the size of our product catalog, fewer can match our prices, and none can beat our level of service from head to toe. Register today to see the River City difference and start saving time and money!

Don't Delay— Get Access To Our Massive Catalog Today!

With over 10,000 products competiviely priced and expertly provided, we’ll be your primary secondary.
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